ID Italian Smooth & Deep Cleaning Face Brush

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Cleansing Brush provides a deeper and more effective clean than washing by hands alone, enhances absorption of your favorite skincare products, and improves circulation for an even complexion. Regular use transforms your face & neck for naturally beautiful, radiant skin. Cleansing brush features a durable design and soft bristle head for a safe and reliable performance, every time. Extra fine bristles softly massage and clean skin, while concentrated sonic vibrations reach deep into skin ores. With a sleek body design and battery-operated system, the cleansing brush adjusts to the curves of your face

and the needs of your skin to clean your pores, clear dead, dry skin, fade fine lines and prevent wrinkles, and improve bedcurtain Its washable design makes cleaning up a breeze.

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Beauty Device 

The Cleansing Brush is an effective and complete cleansing brush system. For best results, read all HOW TO USE sections. 

12000 VPM 

Use with Soap 

Battery included