Lierac Mesolift Remineralising Anti-Fatigue Cream

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Lierac Mésolift Remineralising Anti-Fatigue Cream is an SOS anti-fatigue care that acts on the main signs of fatigue, loss of skin tone and dull complexion. Inspired in facial mesotherapy in aesthetic medicine, it contains one in the "Mesotherapy-like" concentrate redinamizing associated with hyaluronic acid, which fills the skin, and which together revitalize the skin in depth reducing the signs of fatigue. Smoothes the skin texture, illuminating and refreshing it, thanks to its ability to allow cell renewal.

 مستحضرمضاد للإرهاق يعمل على العلامات الرئيسية للإرهاق وفقدان لون البشرة والبشرة الباهتة. مستوحى من ميزوثيرابي الوجه في الطب التجميلي  لإعادة الصقل المرتبط بحمض الهيالورونيك ، الذي يملأ الجلد ، ويعملان معًا على تنشيط الجلد بعمق مما يقلل من علامات التعب. ينعم ملمس البشرة ويضيئها وينعشها بفضل قدرته على السماح بتجدد الخلايا.

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An AHA complex with a peeling effect smooths the skin texture to boost radiance while magnesium intensely revitalizes  the skin. An effective mix of Vitamins B, E and pro-vitamin A take over from vitamin C, for an extreme glowing effect. With its powerful moisturizing effect, Hyaluronic acid leaves the skin plump and supple.

Infinitely delicate and velvety, the cream wraps the skin in softness and delivers an ideal sensation of comfort and suppleness, every day. Orange-tinted beta-caroten helps to leave the skin with an instant healthy glow. Well-being is enhanced by the range’s fresh and revitalising signature scent.

Apply over the entire face, morning and evening, in addition to the concentrate as part of a month-long treatment or as a regular day cream


40 ML

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