Babe Stop AKN Keratolytic Fluid 30ml

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Intensive exfoliating fluid with sebum-regulating effect. Cellular renewal with Glycolic Acid for oily skin.

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Free Glycolic Acid 7%, Cytobiol Iris 2.50%, Bisabolol 0.20%, Jojoba Active 0.12%.

  • Formula enriched with 13% glycolic acid (7% free) that from the interior promotes in-depth cellular renovation.
  • Helps to control oil production as well as to delay acne causing bacteria.
  • Helps to diminish blemishes and acne scars.
  • Non-comedogenic.
Use on alternate nights during 3 weeks and rest on the 4th. Do not rinse. Avoid contact with the eyes.  Do not use simultaneously with the Exfoliating Cream or the Sebum-Regulating Mask.



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