AQ Active Serum

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 Active Serum Benefits :Helps decrease wrinkles and fine lines.
Aims to build collagen naturally. Improves appearance of skin texture and pigmentation. Can fade stubborn sun damage, age spots and scars.
 فوائد السيروم الفعال: يساعد في تقليل التجاعيد والخطوط الدقيقة. يهدف إلى بناء الكولاجين بشكل طبيعي. يحسن مظهر نسيج الجلد وتصبغه. يمكن أن يتلاشى أضرار أشعة الشمس العنيدة ، بقع العمر والندوب.
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  • Helps decrease wrinkles and fine lines
  • Aims to build collagen naturally
  • Improves appearance of skin texture and pigmentation
  • Can fade stubborn sun damage, age spots and scars

After cleansing, dispense a small quantity onto clean fingers (gently press the pump no more than halfway down) and lightly apply over the entire face, neck and chest area. Moderate skin renewal may occure within two weeks, but optimal improvement to your skin is generally not reached until six weeks of daly use.

Avoid direct contact with eyes.

Use this product daily.


4ml bottle

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