Babe Energising Shampoo 250ml


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Hair hygiene that invigorates and strengthens from the root, preventing normal and seasonal hair loss.

نظافة الشعر التي تنشط وتقوي من الجذور وتمنع تساقط الشعر الطبيعي والموسمي.

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Hair Conditioners 1.20%, Gingko Biloba Extract 1%, Cinchona Extract 1%, Cytobiol Bardane 0.50%.
  • Global action: stimulates hair growth, regulates oil excess (as this is one of the main causes of hair loss) and activates blood circulation on the scalp.
  • Provides strength, vitality and volume to the hair.
Use 2 or 3 times a week.  Alternate with BABÉ Extra Mild Shampoo.  Reinforce results with BABÉ Anti-Hair Loss Lotion.



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