ISDIN Women Intimate Hygine 200ml


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Helps to improve the vaginal flora, neutralizes smells and moisturizes.

Woman ISDIN® Intimate Hygiene is a gentle intimate care gel for daily use that neutralizes odors, affords relief from itching, and helps prevent and protect against external microbiological aggression and irritations. With pH 5.5.

هو جل لطيف للعناية بالمناطق الحساسة للاستخدام اليومي يعمل على تحييد الروائح ، ويخفف من الحكة ، ويساعد على الوقاية من العدوان والتهيجات الميكروبيولوجية الخارجية.

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Bioecolia®: a prebiotic that protects against microbiological aggression and irritations.

Lactic acid: preserves the physiological pH and reinforces vaginal flora.

Betaine: hydrates and helps avoid dryness.

Neutraq® technology: neutralizes unpleasant odors. Contained in the perfume, this technology captures the molecules that cause unpleasant odor.

Protects against external microbiological aggression and irritations thanks to the prebiotic Bioecolia®.

Neutralizes odors thanks to Neutraq® technology.

Lactic acid reinforces the vaginal flora.

Hydrates and helps avoid vaginal dryness and itching thanks to its formulation containing betaine.

Respects the vaginal PH.

Leaves a pleasant fragrance.

Indicated for all stages of a woman’s life and especially useful during infectious and/or inflammatory conditions affecting the vulvar and vaginal zone, and during the menstrual cycle, or after sexual intercourse.

Apply upon bathing to the zone to be cleaned, after it has been moistened. Rinse with abundant water.

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