Babe Nipple Care Cream 30ml

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Specific cream that contributes to the well-being of sensitive, irritated, dehydrated or painful nipples. Helps in the prevention of the appearance of cracks, as well as the regeneration and maintenance of the skin barrier, respecting the skin thanks to its free from occlusive agents formula.

كريم محدد يساهم في عافية الحلمات الحساسة أو المتهيجة أو المصابة بالجفاف أو المؤلمة. يساعد في منع ظهور التشققات ، وكذلك تجديد حاجز البشرة والحفاظ عليه ، واحترام البشرة بفضل تركيبته الخالية من عوامل الانسداد.

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Centella Asiatica 3%, Calendula 2%, Vitamin E 0.25%.
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding, helps moisturise and protect the nipple area, preventing the appearance of cracks.
  • Complete formula containing natural ingredients, providing a feeling of relief and well-being.
  • Easy absorption.
For daily use. During breastfeeding: clean the nipple area before breastfeeding.



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