Apr 5, 2021

How much sunscreen do I need? 

I recommend putting enough sunscreen to cover all exposed areas. For both adults and children, sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before sun exposure and reapplied every three hours or after sweating or swimming.


What is SPF?


SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The number with it represents the level of sun protection provided against harmful UV rays. 

  • SPF 15 blocks approximately 93 percent.
  • SPF 30 blocks 97 percent.
  • SPF 50 blocks 98 percent.


Can I get Skin Cancer with over exposure to sun?

I would like to classify skin types based on FITZ PATRICK scale which has 6 tones.

Type 1: Always burn in sun and does not tan- High Risk of Skin Cancer

Type 2: Burn easily in sun and tan poorly- High Risk of Skin Cancer

Type 3: Sometimes burn, tan gradually- Moderate Risk of Skin Cancer

Type 4: Hardly Burn, Tan easily- Moderate Risk of Skin Cancer

Type 5: Rarely burn and easier to get darker shades of tan- Lower Risk of Skin Cancer

Type 6: Never tans- Very Low Risk of Skin Cancer


Can I Get Skin Cancer Again? 

Skin cancer survivors are much more likely to develop a second skin cancer. That's because they've already accumulated enough UV harm near the original cancer, this is called field damage. For survivors, skin exams every 6 months are essential. 


Can My Diet Make Me Burn Less? 


Certain nutrients, especially phytochemicals, improve skin's ability to ward off damage. One study found that supplementing with lycopene (a pigment in red fruits and vegetables) may prevent UV damage; another showed that people taking a supplement with alpha-and beta-carotenoids were less likely to have skin damage after UV exposure. 


Is there a special sunscreen for Rosacea?


Rosacea makes skin sensitive and more likely to react to certain ingredients in sunscreen. It is suggested to avoid certain sunscreens which cause irritation and stick with sunscreens which are especially for people with diagnoses of Rosacea. Also, patients with rosacea should stay away from fragrance. 


If it’s cloudy, do I really need to worry about sun protection?


Some UV radiation can penetrate through clouds and even bounce off reflective surfaces such as snow, sand and water. So your skin needs to be always sun protected regardless if it is cloudy and cool.

Does sunscreen expire?

Yes, sunscreen has an expiry. This expiry information can be observed on the packaging.


Do I really need to wear Sunscreen if I’ll be indoors most of the day?

Even if you’re not spending the afternoon at the beach, you’re still guaranteed to come into contact with UV rays through the window or by peeking outside. Studies show that daily use of sunscreen can significantly lower your risk for skin cancer and aging. 

Is there a difference between face and body sunscreen?


Your face is often more sensitive than the rest of your body, so many people prefer a lightweight, non-greasy sunscreen formulated specifically for the face, especially for everyday wear. These are less likely to clog pores, cause breakouts, or irritate skin.





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