About Us

One of the famous astronomers Carl Sagan's most powerful sayings was the phrase, "We are all made of star stuff."
If one believes this saying like we in Peyora do then we are all supposed to glow and shine like beautiful glittering stars in the sky.
We want all our customers to glow and shine not just outwardly but also within and hence we bring the best in the industry of aesthetics to cater to their needs.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create pleasing experience for our customers worldwide. We have a clear vision to be a sustainable skincare
and beauty business with a regional footprint and incomparable global reputation. Peyora is a result of many years of experience
in field of dermatology, we believe aesthetic beauty is not just about invasive procedures or treatments but to glow and shine
from within.

Also, the right to shine and glow is for everybody and hence we cater to men, women and pregnant women alike. We aim to make
each of our customers to feel like a star and hence bring the best quality brands and products to you thru our website.

Our values drive this vision forward.

Through a talented team with endless positivity, and crème de la crème partners, we cater our
customers to find their favorite products in a click!


At Peyora we partner with the best. We are proud to work with a range of inspirational partners across the globe. We work towards
a shared vision of shaping the aesthetic industry in UAE and wider region and bringing smiles to all our customers from around
the world.